MyProtein supplements, goals, sweat and a whole lot of fun.

Myprotein is a recent brand of supplement that I have started to use. I like to try different brands to know which is right for me or simply what taste better and is a company that I can trust. I got in contact with Sarah SEO executive for Myprotein USA looking for health and fitness bloggers for some exciting events and trying out existing or new products. She kindly sent me some protein the salted caramel whey, vanilla wafer protein snacks which were absolutely amazing with incredible macros.

The texture was perfect in my proats regard to the whey protein show here:

Sometimes when i use protein powders in my oats they seem to get watery but oh my using MyProtein whey hands down did not do that – seriously so creamy and combined perfectly. The wafers just brought be back to childhood memories, which instantly brought me happiness and they are my favorite, I tried the chocolate at the event in Manchester too which were just as incredible and delicious as the vanilla flavor.Talking of which, the Manchester Blogger event for Myprotein was honestly a great eye opener to the fitness community on how strangers can come together, workout talk fitness and eat a load of protein and I do mean a whole lot of protein gains. I met hebe, who honestly is the most nicest person I have met and her cakes are to die for, so much baking talent there. I have followed her for ages and so meeting her was so lovely, and I defiantly recommend everyone to check her blog. We got through a sweaty HITT (high intensity training) workout by the inspiring Victoria Spence also 1/3rd of girlgains. And then did a little Q&A on her fitness journey on bikini modeling and also with recovery of her past which related to some of the girls and myself. It was great to see how far people have come and what achievements can be made. Although this event was in late October (yes i am very late I know but university life for you) I can still say I remember every moment and I really can’t wait for more fitness events with myprotein. Trying out the cookies, flapjacks and protein crispies after a sweaty session was perfect and as a big chocolate addict, they defiantly satisfied by tummy – with a whole lot of protein too which Is always a benefit to getting them gains.

It would be awesome if you check out Myprotein site! The prices are outstanding with no limitations on taste and quality. Student friendly, I  recommend you checking out the clothing range too.

Thank you all for reading, any questions please feel free to ask below – or anything regarding Myprotein check there twitter handle or Facebook.






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