Because you’re sweet enough already! #glugugly

The amazing team at Ugly were kind enough to send me a few of their really refreshing UNSWEET drinks. And they really do  quench your thirst – essential during the summer coming.

The team believe in change , with the increase of sugar and added sweeteners in drinks today increasing the risk of obesity and related risk diseases its not the way we want our generation to pass down to future society. Obesity in children is on the spotlight at the moment with increase of calorie intake and less energy expenditure which in results add on the excess storage of adipose.  This is what i love about the outlook the team has on change, we need change and with unsweetened drinks tasting delicious – its simple and possible. They don’t advertise false miracles that could happen when drinking their water its just naturally simple and a refreshing way to get in your water with an added zing.

What is UGLY? – it is made from 100% natural, fruit infused sparkling water. They add citric acid just a tiny amount which is a natural preservative.

They as of yet do two flavours; Lemon & Lime and Grapefruit & Pineapple. both just as refreshing as one another and really give you that zing to your taste buds. Both have zero trace amounts of calories and Macronutrients which is great if you want to have that taste of a fizzy drink on a calorie budget.

I love the appearance they are different and very fashionable – i love the name – being ugly in a world that is focused on a unhealthy perspective on drinks, sometimes being ugly is beautifully difference which is what i love about there morals.

I most definitely recommend  you to check there site linked above and try out their drinks, make a change and a difference to your health. You can also check out them on Instagram, Facebook and twitter.

Thank you for reading and as the team at Ugly say…

Be beautifully different. ❤  #Glugugly 








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